I am a freelance service designer and user researcher with a background in industrial design.

I help organisations redefine their service offering and tackle the root causes of complex social challenges.




Bring financial inclusion to rural household in the DRC

For : The UN Capital Development Fund, and an international microfinance organisation

Rethink genetic testing services for cardiovascular


For : Rightangled Diagnostics (Co-Founder)

Find adapted care pathways for allergy sufferers in China

For : A leading international pharmaceutical company

Design a packaging for severe arthritis sufferers

For : A leading international pharmaceutical company


Transform career guidance for students thanks to open-data

COMING SOON For : The Open Data Insitute and Doncaster Council -

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 12.02.28.png

Support people with long-term health conditions back to work

COMING SOON For : The Department for Work and Pensions and Policy Lab


Connect smallholder farmers to international buyers

COMING SOON For the World Food Program and The Farm to Market alliance


Help Hackney residents to better prevent and manage their debt

COMING SOON For : Hackney Council


Some of my projects are confidential. However I am always open to talk about my process. Here is a sneak peak of some of the projects I have worked on recently.


I'm always open to hearing from new people, projects or opportunities to collaborate. 


These days you are most likely to find me freelancing from London and Barcelona.

I'm always open to travel elsewhere for the right project.

You can use the form or send and email to floriane.rousse.marquet@gmail.com


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